Airbrush Tanning

We offer Norvell Airbrush Spray Tans and can provide you with a beautiful, healthy, longer lasting spray tan for any occasion.

WEDDINGS - PROMS - WINTER FORMALS - VACATIONS - HOT DATE - WINTER VACATION... whatever the reason, we've got you covered.. the Norvell Healthy Way!

Each tan is specifically tailored to your skin tone, so there is no worries about being orange or discolored.   We follow three steps:

Step 1: Body Buff and Prime with a specifically formulated mitt to slough the skin, exfoliate while prepping the skin.  Our single use mitt contains xlatan designed to balance the skins ph and provide a special moisturizer for a longer lasting tan

Step 2: Tan with a spray tan color customized to your exact skin type.  No orange going out of our salon!!

Step 3: Optimize with our hydrofirm spray which seals your tan, moisturizes and extends the life of your tan.  Finish with a poof of powder to keep lines, rolls and drips away while you dry.

Premium Package $50.00


Get & Go $30.00

Spray tan only

Monthly Membership  $150.00

(four premium package tans per month)


1. Always shave the day before you are scheduled for an appointment.  Your skin needs time to regenerate

2. if you prefer to do your scrub at home, please do it the day before your appointment

3. make sure that after you are tanned, you do not have to sweat - stay cool & comfortable for at least 4 hours