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All Massage Therapists are independent contractors and, therefore, pricing may vary from the list below.  The prices listed are suggested pricing for Cheryl Mayfield only.  Please call for pricing provided by other Massage Therapists.

Spa Specialty Services

Our goal is to provide you with healthy, beneficial services and treatments.  Many of our treatments require multiple visits, combination treatments, time and. most of all, your dedication.  We will work closely with you to achieve your ultimate goals, so please feel free to call us with any questions or just for moral support.  We want to help you...  

to help yourself.

Spa... its not a luxury, its a necessity!




30-minutes  $50.00

60-minutes $75.00

90-minutes  $120.00

hot stones and hot steam towels are provided on the back of all massages. Choose light, medium or firm pressure.  Choose all upper, all lower or full body massage.


there is no additional charge for maternity massage.  We offer a preggo pillow which affords you a massage laying on your tummy!  


we offer a room with two massage tables so you can come with your bestie and relax together.  No additional charge for use of this room.  Prices are based on the above choices, per person.

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Deep Tissue Massage


We do not offer deep tissue.  As a group, all of our therapists feel that by offering firm with pressure points in affected area, you receive a better benefit.  We also offer cupping, myofascial manipulation, and trigger point therapy,  which helps really get in to tight muscle areas.  

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Hot Stone Massage


90-minute Full Body Hot Stone Massage $120.00 

Due to the amount of time necessary to place stones over the entire body, this service does not offer anything less than 90-minutes

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Aromatherapy Massage


All massages include aromatherapy.  If you would like a certain aroma, please advise when booking

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Sinus Allery & Ear Candling

1 hour treatment  $75.00

this includes manipulation and massage of the face, sinus area, head, neck and shoulders

30-min ear candling only $50.00

30-min Gua Sha Sinus Flush


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30-min isolated area $50.00

90-minute full body cupping and massage $120.00 

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Natural Facelift Treatment

This is NOT a facial.  This treatment is a vigorous, rapid manipulation of the facial muscles which, over several treatments, will tighten and tone the face and neck muscles.  Although its vigorous, it is still very relaxing!  Its amazing how much stress you carry in your face.

Thirty Minutes $50.00

One hour  $75.00

series of 6 (1 hour) sessions done two times per week $400 prepd

series of 6 (30-min) sessions done two times per week $270 prepd

combo red light and natural facelift (1 hour) $80.00

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Restless Leg Treatment

Magnesium mineral foot soak, bentonite clay and magnesium mask and massage for the feet and legs, along with pressure point therapy and reflexology to work out all areas of the legs and feet.  

One hour $100.00 

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Myofascial Manipulation 

A one hour intense, quiet, body work treatment that focuses on bringing blood flow to stagnated areas of the body that are causing discomfort, pain and imited range of motion.  Along with this treatment we use breathing and meditation cds to help the client relax and afford the therapist a better result.

One hour $120.00

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Body Wraps

Each of our body wraps is approximately 4 1/2  hours total treatment time and includes:

30 minute hot tub soak;

full body exfoliation;


calming room;

wrap application;

gauze wrap if necessary;

steep time;

cool head wipes

Oxygen Cocktail

Unwrapping & Towel Wash

Cleansing Shower


One hour Full Body Massage

Choose from:

Moisturizing (paraffin)

Detoxing (mud)

Slimming/Cellulite (seaweed)

Detoxing (bentonite clay)

Each choice of wrap is $300.00 for the complete treatment

we are equipped to do two wraps at the same time so bring a friend and veg together!

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Total Body Recovery

30 minutes in the red light room for inner healing of body cells

30 minutes in your choice of steam sauna or infrared sauna blanket for detoxing and a cool down shower and then a 

1 hour full body massage

this is a great treatment for RA, fibromyalgia or someone who has been sick with the flu, cold, or people who work out a lot, body builders, etc.

a 2  hour treatment $150.00

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Isolated Injury or

Problem Region Massage

use of cupping, acupressure, trigger point therapy, stretching, myofascial manipulation and intense massage are used to treat isolated regions.  A great way to release areas with chronic neck pain, sciatica, migraines, rhomboid, shoulders, piriformis, low back pain and more.  

this is not a massage, it is manual manipulation of isolated areas of the body.

30-minutes $75.00

we only offer 30 minute increments due to the intensity of the treatment.

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Hot Herbal Thai Poltice Massage

Thai Herbal compress balls made from various dried herbs wrapped in muslin and steamed to alleviate pain or inflammation by opening the pores and bringing a medicinal heat to muscles to induce relaxation.  

The hot compresses are ideal for alleviating pain, stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments, chronic back aches, arthritis, migraines and chronic stress or anxiety.  this treatment combines massage and poltice massage together to achieve great results.  

60-minute $100.00

90-minute $150

(with 2 take home poltice balls that will last up to five additional days for your at home care) 

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(Body Scraping)

In Chinese medicine, Gua means "to scrape" and sha refers generally to forms of disease, the disease process in the body, and also the sandy, granular powder like dark spots on the skin. 

By scraping, changes are encouraged inside the body and "scraped away".

By following the specific meridian of the injured area, we are attempting to unblock the area to allow a good blood flow to the area which will allow the body to heal better

60-min full body flush $100

30-min sinus flush $60

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Scalp Massage

Includes massage and pressure points in the scalp, neck, shoulders, face with hot steam aromatherapy towels and hot stones.  

Great for migraines

30-min $50.00

60-minutes $75.00

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