The Bath House

We may not be in Hot Springs, but we offer comparable services that will leave you feeling de-stressed and feeling like a wet noodle!  I went to Hot Springs, loved the treatments but did not like the "hurried up" feeling.  So, I took the good aspects of the services and left out the bad ones!

Full Body Exfoliation Scrub & Shower   $50.00

Full Body Dry Brush Exfoliation & Shower $30.00

Back Scrub Facial (1 hour) $75.00

includes scrub, cleanse, mask, moisture massage

Hot Tub (30 min)  $25.00

Steam Cabinet Detox  Sauna (30 min)  $30.00

Infrared Detox Sauna Blanket (30 min)  $30.00

Mineral Bath Soak (30 min) $40.00

Calming Room (30 min) $25.00

Compression Therapy Suit (30 min) $30.00


Includes: 30-minute hot tub; dry brush exfoliation; shower; 30-minute detox sauna blanket; cool shower; goat's milk lotion spritzer and 30-minutes in the calming room (2 1/2 hour treatment)


Includes: hands on full body exfoliation; shower; 30 minute mineral bath soak and one hour full body massage (2 hour treatment) 

SCRUB & SOAK $80.00

Includes: full body exfoliation; shower; and mineral bath soak (1 hour treatment) 

TUB, SCRUB & RUB $125.00

30 minutes in the hot tub; full body exfoliation; shower, and one hour full body massage (2 hour treatment)