Only a few minutes to spare?

Don't want to get undressed, redressed, oily?

Then come step in to The Zen Lounge.  A comfort room with mechanical massage chairs that squeeze you, roll you and get all those knots out of your backside.  

If you are on your feet all day, try our calf and foot massagers.  Kick back and let the feet heal.  You will walk away feeling all kinds of energized.

Also available is what we call our "rolling table".  Clothes on, lay down, rollers go up and down - you go "Oh My Gosh"!  

Then jump over to our pulsating massage table for pressure in all the right spots.

Last, but not least, dip your hands into our warm paraffin for a calm, soft, warm hand treatment.  

The Zen is a great place to host a small gathering of your favorite people.  We have a place for you to put foods, a couple of bistro tables and beverage bar.  

All this is available in The Zen Lounge, along with soft soothing music and trickling water flowing from our Zen Fountain. 

1 hour in The Zen Room  $30.00 per person (holds up to 6 guests comfortably)

use one or all of our mechanical options during your time there

This is also a great place to have a birthday party, spa day or just bring a friend or two and just come hang out for a while!